GWEN is open to and values new and creative ways in its fight to end the abuse and exploitation of adolescent girls and young women; both, innovation in the work environment and innovation in equipment and strategies applied
GWEN works to deliver programs in honesty, truth, consistency and openness being accountable and transparent to stakeholders and beneficiaries in words and deed at all times.
GWEN executes its duties from the heart. Our work is inspired by personal stories and the value of every human and their respect for life. In love, there is compassion and passion about what we do as GWEN. Also our work aims to create safe spaces where girls and women and their communities can thrive. GWEN recognises the worth of every individual treating all with dignity regardless of circumstances
GWEN seeks to be professional in the execution of its duties, support to beneficiaries and partnerships with stakeholders. A professional environment guarantees commitment on all partners and ensures programme continuity.
GWEN believes that every person has a role to play and every effort to end exploitation of girls and women is appreciated. Thus, we are guided by the Shona idiom, ‘gunwe rimwe haritswanyi inda’ meaning: no person can succeed on their own

GWENTRUST catalyzes the power of the most vulnerable girls and young women to create the future they imagine: for themselves, for their communities, and for Africa


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